Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our 109th access – Denied (4th November 2011):

Daddy was at one of your fav eating places again for dinner. I am sure you can recognize this place by the things in the pic : )

(First posted on Facebook, 4th November 2011)

Our 108th access – Denied (29th October 2011):

Adriel, this is your other cousin Jya whom u never got a chance to meet. He is in nursery school now and I am sure you will like him if you get to see him one day.

(First posted on Facebook, 29th October 2011)

Our 107th access – Denied (28th October 2011):

Adriel, this is your cousin Koa. You used to play with him when he was a toddler. He is 7 now, and we all pray that some day soon u will get to meet him again.

(First posted on Facebook, 28th October 2011)

Our 106th access – Denied (22nd October 2011):

Unlike most children who will be most willing to pose for a picture, u had been told to turn away from the camera whenever I want to take a photo of u. Nevertheless, its still u in this picture - my one and only dearest son.

(First posted on Facebook, 22nd October 2011)

Our 105th access – Denied (21st October 2011):

This photo reminds me of a sad day some years ago. At Bishan Junction 8, u shocked me with your sudden display of hostility and told me to leave u alone before walking away. I know what you have been put through all these years son....but u can rest assured that I'd always love u with all my heart.

(First posted on Facebook, 21st October 2011)

Our 104th access – Denied (15th October 2011):

Adriel, we came here in the evening some years ago and stopped by at this fitness park before we head on to cross the Henderson Bridge. It was one of our last outings together.

(First posted on Facebook, 15th October 2011)

Our 103rd access – Denied (14th October 2011):

Adriel, remember the day when I drove you and mummy to this place near Fullerton hotel? I even brought your bicycle along for you to enjoy a nice ride there. Those were memorable times that I will never forget : )

(First posted on Facebook, 14th October 2011)

Our 102nd access – Denied (8th October 2011):

To all alienated parents struggling to be with their children :
"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart." ~ Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

(First posted on Facebook, 8th October 2011)

Our 101st access – Denied (7th October 2011):

Dedicated to all alienated parents :
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~ Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

(First posted on Facebook, 7th October 2011)

Our 100th access – Denied (1st October 2011):

Adriel, its our 100th time being denied of access. People ask me how I manage to survive this madness & pain, I tell them God's promises and my love for you kept me going.

Here's that special song that Mr Howard Jones himself was very kind enough to allow me to use for my YouTube video for u. I dedicate it to all the alienated parents with the message : Be there for our children, right till the end.

(First posted on Facebook, 1st October 2011)

Our 99th access – Denied (30th September 2011):

During one of our last outings together in 2008, you were happily playing with this huge cardboard and sliding down the slope at this Vivo City playground. It was such a precious moment for me to see that child-like joy on your face, son... : )

(First posted on Facebook, 30th September 2011)

Our 98th access – Denied (24th September 2011):

Adriel, here's a special spot at Ngee Ann City that I will always remember. We used to stand here watch Tom & Jerry on the big screen together all those years ago. Daddy is still missing you, son..

(First posted on Facebook, 24th September 2011)

Our 97th access – Denied (23rd September 2011):

All this father wanted was to see his son, but attempts to visit him every weekend were in vain. The last time he saw his son was in February for half an hour.

"I didn't do anything wrong. From start to finish, I just wanted to see my son. If she had just allowed me to take my son out on weekends, I wouldn't have had to pressure her by going to court."

(First posted on Facebook, 23rd September 2011)

Our 96th access – Denied (17th September 2011):

This video looks at the big business and money motives behind the family law machine; it urges state legislators and others to fix courts, and it proposes a solution that would protect children. This film is a call to action if you care about this grave injustice that must be seen to be believed.

(First posted on Facebook, 17th September 2011)

Our 95th access – Denied (16th September 2011):

Parental Alienation at its worst....and its happening here in Singapore.

"It was understood by many that the deceased doted on her son. After she was separated from her husband, she became so worried that her husband would get custody of their son that she defied court orders to let him visit Jerlad. She even commented that she would rather drown herself than let her husband ‘take him away’."

(First posted on Facebook, 16th September 2011)

Our 94th access – Denied (10th September 2011):

A parent doing skydiving to create awareness on Parental Alienation - "a complex kind of hate played out over years that devastate any family and scars kids for life... Family Court laws are currently set up in a way that not only encourages, but also rewards such (Parental Alienation) behaviours..."

(First posted on Facebook, 10th September 2011)

Our 93rd access – Denied (9th September 2011):

A short but touching video an alienated parent made for his daughter Myla Hillman. She is over a year and a half, and she helped to grow the melon in the video from seed with her water in bucket only a few months ago.

(First posted on Facebook, 9th September 2011)

Our 92nd access – Denied (3rd September 2011):

“A parent suffering from HAP (Hostile Aggresive Parenting) will do their best to interfere with the relationship of a child with the other parent. Such interferences could include using an older sibling to control the child, guilting the child into submission, not allowing telephone, email, mail, or any other communication between the child and the other parent” ~ Judy Oliveira

(First posted on Facebook, 3rd September 2011)

Our 91st access – Denied (2nd September 2011):

In our battle against Parental Alienation, very often we are reminded of the hurts & sufferings that we hv been put thru by the alienators, their lawyers, & a family court system that hardly does anything effective to help us connect with our children. Learn to let go and focus on our pursue to be our children anyway, it is tough but it is possible.

(First posted on Facebook, 2nd September 2011)

Our 90th access – Denied (27th August 2011):

You think Parental Alienation is unreal? Listen to what this child who grew up with a narcissistic parent has to say -

(First posted on Facebook, 27th August 2011)

Our 89th access – Denied (26th August 2011):

All children need both willing and able parents, any attempts to distort this universal truth is a form of emotional child abuse.

(First posted on Facebook, 26th August 2011)

Our 88th access – Denied (20th August 2011):

Parental Alienation is kidnapping, and a serious form of emotional and mental child abuse. Anyone who justifies a claim to keep a willing and able parent from the child is an accomplice of this humanity crime.

(First posted on Facebook, 20th August 2011)

Our 87th access – Denied (19th August 2011):

Adriel, I remember how I used to hold your hand as you walked on the side platform of this bridge at Clark Quay. Miss you still ~ Dad.

(First posted on Facebook, 19th August 2011)

Our 86th access – Denied (13th August 2011):

Adriel, here's a toy brand that the both of us used to play as kids... How can I ever forget? : )

(First posted on Facebook, 13th August 2011)

Our 85th access – Denied (12th August 2011):

"This is a great documentary! ♥ My wish to many who are not able to see their children that this happens for them. Steve Monk-Dalton, Cheng Wee, I hope this inspires you and one day closer I do hope for you comes before 10 years has passed ♥" ~ Catherine M. Craig

(First posted on Facebook, 12th August 2011)

Our 84th access – Denied (6th August 2011):

"I'm so sorry Wee. I know all too well how heartbreaking and devastating it is to be separated from your child by unjust (and most often corrupt) courts and alienating relatives. As an adult survivor of PA, I know the adverse effects that being separated from one half of your family can have on one's life. It's not fair to the child, the alienated parent or all of those that love the child that are prevented from communication due to their association with the alienated parent. Hang in there Wee. I have a dream that our sons will someday meet, and be one of many voices who speak out against PA. ♥" ~ Darlene Dreisch

(First posted on Facebook, 6th August 2011)

Our 83rd access – Denied (5th August 2011):

I remember during one of our last outings 3 years ago, you were rooted to this spot at PageOne bookstore at Vivo City because they were playing your favourite Tom & Jerry show : ) Thinking of you ~ Dad

(First posted on Facebook, 5th August 2011)

Our 82nd access – Denied (30th July 2011):

I was at Marina Barage the other day and saw this really nice spot. It would have been a great place for us to have fun together had we been able to spend quality bonding time with each other. I am still missing you, Adriel.

(First posted on Facebook, 30th July 2011)

Our 81st access – Denied (29th July 2011):

Paul's an inspiration to all of us alienated parents. We may not be dead, but our children are leading their lives every day without us because of the alienators, as well as a family court system which they can make use as easy platforms to cruelly separate us from our children.

Keep strong, and always do your best for your children.

(First posted on Facebook, 29th July 2011)

Our 80th access – Denied (23rd July 2011):

Just went to the Family Court to make some enquiries and I really dislike the feeling of stepping into that place. It dampened my mood for the rest of the day. When I met up with some friends after that, most of them were unaware that I was not exactly ready to be teased, joke or laugh heartily. But I am grateful to the 1 or 2 more sensitive ones who do understand how difficult it is for us alienated parents.

(First posted on Facebook, 23rd July 2011)

Our 79th access – Denied (22nd July 2011):

Adriel, I'm sure u can recall this familiar tune that we used to play at home. You would always giggle whenever I pretend to put on a frowning face when I hear this sad melody.

I have learnt to frown less and smile more - for the ones I love : )

(First posted on Facebook, 22nd July 2011)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Our 78th access – Denied (16th July 2011):

Adriel, remember this old chicken rice restaurant at Upper Thomson Rd that we used to frequent together? You love the food there, especially their salad prawns : )
I avoided going there for a long time, it simply reminds me too much of you. But lately all thanks to a good friend who was willing to make a trip there with me, I was able to step into the restaurant once again to enjoy their good food.
I still miss you son, but I thank God that it is not so hurtful for me anymore.

(First posted on Facebook, 16th July 2011)

Our 77th access – Denied (15th July 2011):

Adriel, seeing this news reminds me of this bicycle rental place at Bishan that we used to go together with mummy. The station may soon be gone but the precious moments we had riding bikes there together will always remain with me forever : )​k-052656459.html

(First posted on Facebook, 15th July 2011)

Our 76th access – Denied (9th July 2011):

Adriel, this YouTube video which featured both of us as well as many other parents alienated from their children have crossed the 2 thousand viewership mark within just 2 months! I thank God for His blessings on this mass awareness for Parental Alienation. He hears our prayers and He knows our love for all of you : )​jM

(First posted on Facebook, 9th July 2011)

Our 75th access – Denied (8th July 2011):

Chan Chun Sing (MCYS): "The research is clear - When fathers r involved positively in the children's lives, they do better mentally, socially, emotionally & academically. When fathers r absent, the -ve impact is just as profound - delinquency increases & psychological problems surface"

Parental Alienation is dis-engaging many S'pore dads, what has the authority done abt it?

(First posted on Facebook, 8th July 2011)

Our 74th access – Denied (2nd July 2011) :

Just met up with another willing & able Singapore parent who is having difficulties with access to his children. Instead of taking steps to assist him bond with his children, the judge scrutinised other aspects of his life and character, and in the process delay and deprived him of his precious opportunities to see his children. It is nothing new that a judge handling the case does make a really huge difference to the outcome, they can either make or break a family. And it is sad that not all judges are as family oriented as they should be.

(First posted on Facebook, 2nd July 2011)

Our 73rd access – Denied (1st July 2011) :

Here's the movie that every dad should bring his son to catch. However, not all Singapore dads and sons can get such valuable opportunities to enjoy that precious bonding time together.
But Adriel, I know we both would have loved it if we do.. : )​sQ

(First posted on Facebook, 1st July 2011)

Our 72nd access – Denied (25th June 2011) :

Adriel, it was mummy's birthday on 27th June, here's wishing her a "Happy Birthday", and I hope you all had a good time celebrating with her.

God bless you : )

(First posted on Facebook, 25th June 2011)

Our 71st access – Denied (24th June 2011) :

Families in many parts of the world are fighting against a corrupted Family Court system to stay in touch with their loved ones.
It is a universal fact that children need the love & presence of both willing & able parents in their lives. Any attempts to distort this truth or do things otherwise is a form of emotional & mental child abuse.

(First posted on Facebook, 24th June 2011)

Our 70th access – Denied (18th June 2011) :

Adriel, everytime I pass by this library, I will recall all those years ago, I would go there quite often to borrow many Mr Men and Little Miss story books to read to you before your bedtime. You adore these books and were always so excited to hear the stories. I miss those moments with you, son : )

(First posted on Facebook, 18th June 2011)

Our 69th access – Denied (17th June 2011) :

Remember this place, Adriel? Its where you had your first haircut as a toddler. I remember I had to buy a toy gun for you to play with so as to distract you from crying and struggling during the haircut : )

(First posted on Facebook, 17th June 2011)

Our 68th access – Denied (11th June 2011) :

Adriel, whenever I passed by our old place in Bishan, I can't help but take a second look at it. Those fond memories I had with you and mommy together will always have a special place in my heart.

(First posted on Facebook, 11th June 2011)

Our 67th access – Denied (10th June 2011) :

Like many alienated parents around the world, I have been deprived of parenting my child for more than 1,000 days now. But like these parents, I am also not giving up on the pursue. God will help us overcome our struggles, and we must have faith that the truth will come to light one day soon.​oQ

(First posted on Facebook, 10th June 2011)

Our 66th access – Denied (4th June 2011) :

Parental Alienation is Child Abuse, and what you say during a divorce can stay with a child forever, like a tattoo..

The tattoos in this video reads -
"If you go to your fathers you might as well not come back"
"Your mother is ruining us"
"If you take the house, I take the kids"
"Don't think that your father actually wants to see you"
"I wish we'd never had kids"

(First posted on Facebook, 4th June 2011)

Our 65th access – Denied (3rd June 2011) :

Adriel, uncle Chan Chun Sing is the new person heading MCYS. Me and all the other affected parents are hoping and praying that he will look into the existing policies and find ways to improve the deteriorating situation, so as to help the thousands of estranged Singapore children and parents reconnect with each other. God help us all.

(First posted on Facebook, 3rd June 2011)

Our 64th access – Denied (28th May 2011) :

Here's a shirt given to some of us Singapore fathers by the Dads-For-Life group (MCYS) when we participated & gave feedbacks to their programs to promote parent & child bonding. The irony is that it is also the same shirt that I often wear to look for my son, but to no avail. People often ask me if MCYS has done enough to help the thousands of alienated Singapore parents who are still being deprived of their children every single day. I think the answer should be obvious.

(First posted on Facebook, 28th May 2011)

Our 63rd access – Denied (27th May 2011) :

Here's the outdoor playground on the rooftop of Junction 8, Adriel, I am sure you can recall us playing there together. Playgrounds have always been your favourite places, and to see that smile glowing on your means everything to me : )

(First posted on Facebook, 27th May 2011)

Our 62nd access – Denied (21st May 2011) :

Adriel, every time I see news on uncle Lim Biow Chuan, it reminds me of all the sufferings the family court put us through when he was mommy's lawyer.

Its not easy to forget the pain, but Daddy nvr stops praying to God for the strength to forgive those who tore us apart..

(First posted on Facebook, 21st May 2011)

Our 61st access – Denied (20th May 2011) :

Adriel, I was passing by this bakery shop at Bishan, and I recalled many years ago me and mommy got a huge birthday cake for you there, and we "hand-delivered" it to your pre-school. You and your friends had a great time celebrating your birthday.. I will always remember all these moments : )

(First posted on Facebook, 20th May 2011)

Our 60th access – Denied (14th May 2011) :

With the reshuffle in MOE & MCYS, hopefully the suffering will come to an end for the thousands of deprived Singapore children and their parents/grandparents.

May God bless us all.​re-schools-and-courts-enable-parental-al​ienation-child-abuse/

(First posted on Facebook, 14th May 2011)

Our 59th access – Denied (13th May 2011) :

Adriel, within just 2 weeks, the views for our video has already crossed the 1,000 mark, its amazing! My prayers go out to the parents/grandparents and children in this video, as well as millions others all over the world.
Children : You are all being missed and loved more than you'd ever know..​jM

(First posted on Facebook, 13th May 2011)

Our 58th access – Denied (7th May 2011) :

Adriel, I wore this shirt to the voting centre on election day in honour of you and the thousands of Singapore parents/grandparents and children who have been victimised by Parental Alienation. Its time to take a stand and make our voices heard. Nothing else matters more to us parents than our own children.

(First posted on Facebook, 7th May 2011)

Our 57th access – Denied (6th May 2011) :

Adriel, daddy is not sure if you had been following the elections, but like many other Singaporeans, we are all deeply concerned about our future, and where we stand in our own country. There are many policies and issues that affect our daily lives. But for me & all the other alienated parents in Singapore, we are pursuing for a different cause, one that we can never give up simply because we are fighting for all of you, our very own flesh & blood.. We will continue to raise the awareness of this Parental Alienation issue to an even higher level, so that more & more people will know the type of destruction that has been done to thousands of Singapore families and innocent children.. With so many of these people suffering every single day, its really time for the Singapore authorities to address this worldwide issue seriously.

(First posted on Facebook, 6th May 2011)

Our 56th access – Denied (30th April 2011) :

Adriel, u remember Uncle Lim Biow Chuan? He was mummy’s lawyer during the days when daddy had problems with my access to u, & also when the judge of Singapore Family Court made an alarming decision to block daddy from u for 6 months. Uncle Lim is a very renowned & efficient lawyer, he is running for election again under PAP, I wish him luck. May GOD watch over our nation.

(First posted on Facebook, 30th April 2011)

Our 55th access – Denied (29th April 2011) :

Adriel, when daddy visited uncle Sean's place at the Pinnacle@Duxton some months ago, the night view from the sky garden was so beautiful, and immediately I wished at that moment that you were there with me... I hope to go there again soon, and hopefully one day with you too : )

(First posted on Facebook, 29th April 2011)

Our 54th access – Denied (23rd April 2011) :

Adriel, remember Safra Yishun Country Club? I avoided stepping into that place for many years as it reminds me too much of the tender moments me, u & mummy had together there.. But I guess I have gradually learnt to overcome that uneasy feeling as I went there for bowling with some friends a few days ago. We had a wonderful time, and it was especially heart-warming seeing my friends spend time with their children playing together. : )

(First posted on Facebook, 23rd April 2011)

Our 53rd access – Denied (22nd April 2011) :

Like myself, many other parents all over the world are deprived of time with their children. I have been busy over the past few days consolidating the information I received from alienated parents worldwide, and also meeting up with my friend (seen in this pic working on his PC) to edit the PA video that we are making for them.

Do pray for us that we will be soon able to upload this video successfully without any major hiccups. Thank you, my friends : )

(First posted on Facebook, 22nd April 2011)

Our 52nd access – Denied (16th April 2011) :

“I will continue to keep you in my prayers.It is wrong that you and your son are kept apart from each other. I will pray that Jesus invades the hearts of the alienators and opens their eyes to the pain, anguish and mental and emotional damage they are causing. These people don't realize that they are not only hurting you, they are hurting your son who is stuck in the middle and they are hurting any chance of a positive relationship with your son as he gets older. If they don't WAKE UP and come to their senses they will fill him with resentment towards them. Please God help this family heal and come together and reach a peaceful resolve with one another.” ~ Mark Peterson, a friend from Boston, Massachusetts, and a brother in Christ. (Thank you Mark, I am blessed to know you)

(First posted on Facebook, 16th April 2011)

Our 51st access – Denied (15th April 2011) :

“There are some adult children who are victims of PAS, as adults can look back with adult eyes and remember their parent trying to make contact with them, so like my son said to me one time, ‘Don't give up! You can't, because your my mom.’ In this case, you’re Adriel's dad and he wouldn't want you to give up either! So keep knocking and searching, he will know you cared.” ~ Saundra Henry (a friend from Kansas City, Missouri)

(First posted on Facebook, 15th April 2011)

Our 50th access – Denied (9th April 2011) :

I could not help but take a picture of this place when I passed by that day. I remember how you love to buy fish food from the vendor there and feed the fishes. It was a nice spot that me, you and mummy would go to spend time together.

(First posted on Facebook, 9th April 2011)

Our 49th access – Denied (8th April 2011) :

Went to look up Adriel but he was not at home. I tried asking my ex mother-in-law if Adriel is still living there with them but she did not answer my question. Instead she just kept parroting "He is not at home! He is not at home!", before closing the door.

I am grateful to 2 of my good friends for accompanying me to look up my son. How I wish I can have some good news to share with them, and all my other friends who care..

(First posted on Facebook, 8th April 2011)

Our 48th access – Denied (2nd April 2011) :

Really envy some friends of mine who are able to take their children to this animation movie. Its a simple joy that is so precious and yet something that many parents would take for granted.

Alienated parents : Keep strong, we are one day closer to being with our children : )

(First posted on Facebook, 2nd April 2011)

Our 47th access – Denied (1st April 2011) :

This video is about a boy name Adolf... Over decades, thousands of Singapore children & millions worldwide hv suffered the same way he did...

Too many unethical parties hv been benefiting & reaping rewards fr this emotional/mental child abuse - this cannot go on.

How many more children must suffer before the authorities are willing to put a stop to this silent killer?

(First posted on Facebook, 1st April 2011)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Our 46th access – Denied (26th March 2011) :

This news article (just months ago) may not be the happiest thing to see, but at least Parental Alienation was given some much needed media attention and awareness islandwide in Singapore.
And after all, its not everyday that me & Adriel get a chance to share the same page with a superstar like Jay Chou (The Green Hornet) : )

(First posted on Facebook, 26th March 2011)