Friday, April 1, 2011

Our 45th access – Denied (25th March 2011) :

A word of prayer for the hundreds/thousands of Singapore grandparents (and millions others worldwide) who cannot be with their grandchildren as a result of Parental Alienation continuing to be dominant in our society.
The saddest thing is that most of these grandparents may not ever get a chance to see their own grandchildren again... not even at their deathbed.
In many cases, the alienated children are also forbidded (by the alienating parents) to attend their grandparents' funeral..

I do not know if the authorities' ever feel anything for such sad events. They can organise all the "Grandparents Day" events they want, but they are obviously either forgetting or omitting a big group of old folks out there who need help more than anything else in the world to connect with their own grandchildren. God help us all..

(First posted on Facebook, 25th March 2011)

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