Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our 10th access – Denied (20th November 2010) :

A target parent once wrote : “When alienators use your child as a pawn to deprive you, it affects you and you struggle to survive, like how you gasp for air when out of breath. Your 'struggling' actions will then be misintepreted by others as you are ‘stubbornly insisting in your ways’ to see your child, and that your ‘aggressiveness are only making things worse’. And when you hear well-meaning people asking you to ‘let it go, for the sake of your child’, you know the alienators have achieved their goals of indirectly using others to discourage you and undermine your parenting role. Alienators are being given the empowerment to cause severe damage to the relationships with your child, as well as to brainwash and influence ANYONE to make you give up, including the courts and those around you.”

(First posted on Facebook, 20 November 2010)

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