Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our 22nd access – Denied (1st January 2011) :

Here's a very sweet gesture from my FB friend Steve Monk-Dalton: During the recent activity of parents lighting up lanterns for their alienated children, Steve has lighted this one for me with my son's name on it. Thank you so much, Steve, that really means a lot to me..
2011 is here, we should waste no time to rise up for our children and grant them back their well-deserved rights to enjoy the love & presence of both parents in their lives. A change is gonna come, its time to end all the sorrows and heartbreaks.
Adriel, daddy will be coming for you - from all directions.

(First posted on Facebook, 1st January 2011)

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  1. I am so so sorry Wee that you have to go through this horrible torment. I lived it everyday and i still do til this day. I still live with the horrible effects it has had on my son now.