Friday, July 22, 2011

Our 57th access – Denied (6th May 2011) :

Adriel, daddy is not sure if you had been following the elections, but like many other Singaporeans, we are all deeply concerned about our future, and where we stand in our own country. There are many policies and issues that affect our daily lives. But for me & all the other alienated parents in Singapore, we are pursuing for a different cause, one that we can never give up simply because we are fighting for all of you, our very own flesh & blood.. We will continue to raise the awareness of this Parental Alienation issue to an even higher level, so that more & more people will know the type of destruction that has been done to thousands of Singapore families and innocent children.. With so many of these people suffering every single day, its really time for the Singapore authorities to address this worldwide issue seriously.

(First posted on Facebook, 6th May 2011)

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