Friday, July 22, 2011

Our 78th access – Denied (16th July 2011):

Adriel, remember this old chicken rice restaurant at Upper Thomson Rd that we used to frequent together? You love the food there, especially their salad prawns : )
I avoided going there for a long time, it simply reminds me too much of you. But lately all thanks to a good friend who was willing to make a trip there with me, I was able to step into the restaurant once again to enjoy their good food.
I still miss you son, but I thank God that it is not so hurtful for me anymore.

(First posted on Facebook, 16th July 2011)


  1. Hi Cheng Wee
    wondering if you still have a copy of the ST forum letter i wrote back then in 2008, May 9th, to which you gave your comments ( I applaud alexander Wittberger...)
    I would be grateful if you could send me a copy since a crashing PC some time ago made it, together with many other precious documents, dissappear.
    you can contact me on Facebook - alexander.wittberger

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