Monday, November 1, 2010

DAY 180 (of the 6-month cut-off from my son by the Singapore Family Court without any valid reasons) :

This movie trailer shows what happens when a target parent tries to pick up the children, and how the Alienator can easily sabotage things and instigate an argument.

It portrays these facts accurately -

1. The Alienator and the allies will always claim that the children do not wish to go out with the target parent. To them, the Court Order is "just a piece of paper".

2. The target parent is being denied and deprived of time with the children without any valid reasons. Any attempts to reason things with the Alienator will be considered as creating trouble.

3. The children will echo the exact words the Alienator says or wants them to say, without any logic or valid explanations.

4. The Alienator always acts like a victim needing protection, but is in fact playing with the emotions of others (the children, relatives, friends, court, schools etc), so as to turn them against the ex-spouse at all costs.

(first posted on Facebook, 11 October 2010)

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