Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DAY 136 (of the 6-month cut-off from my son by the Singapore Family Court without any valid reasons) :

I couldn’t help but wept a little when I first read this note from my friend, Emilia Zsuzsanna Rak, an alienated parent from Colleyville, TX. That sour feeling is all too familiar..

“I still have the baby blanket that all four girls used. As my oldest turns 18 tomorrow the sweet baby scent has long since left. I wash it from time to time to keep it from smelling stale... and like a fool I will hold it close after I wash it and inhale deeply to see if maybe, just maybe that sweet infant scent will be there...

Eventually I know that blanket will be stale no more. Until that day I will do whatever I can to cry less and smile more… We'll be here holding one another up until our prayers have been answered.”

Yes we certainly will, Emilia.

(first posted on Facebook, 28 August 2010)

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