Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DAY 100 (of the 6-month cut-off from my son by the Singapore Family Court without any valid reasons) :

Amazingly I managed to survive through 100 days without my son, and yet I have not crumbled either physically, mentally or emotionally under the ill-treatment : )

I thank God for the strength, and also for all you kind folks on FB for your numerous prayers, encouragement and well-wishes. I hope and pray that my son will also remain strong during this period of separation from his own father.

Another 80s days to go before I am back in Family Court to find out what the judge decides to do to me next. There is no guarantee that he will let me see my son, because judging from what many of us deprived parents had been put through, it is highly unlikely that the Singapore Family Court has any belief in the importance of parent-child bonding or even encourages it.

It actually does not take a genius to comprehend.the universal truth that "Children need the love and presence of BOTH parents in their lives” (other than some exception of course) But sadly, that is exactly what we deprived parents need to fight so hard to show to our own Family Court!

We are playing fair and we are the ones truly having the best interest of the children at heart. But more often than not, our actions are being narrowly misintepreted by most people as "fighting bitterly against our ex-spouses to win the custody of the children".

Blame it on our local soap dramas always depicting such one-dimension scenarios. If you want to know the whole unknown truth, never rely on TV, they will never be allowed to portray what is truly happening.

Welcome to the real world.

(first posted on Facebook, 23 July 2010)

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