Sunday, July 4, 2010

DAY 77 (of the 6-month cut-off from my son by the Singapore Family Court without any valid reasons) :

MCYS made this recent short film to highlight the importance of Filial Piety, with the campaign captured by the line, "How one generation loves, the next generation learns."

But for the thousands of us divorced parents, if we can even be restricted by the Family Court from spending time with our own children, how can they even have a proper chance to learn from how we love?

If there is anything that our children learn from this whole ordeal, it simply teaches them that parental roles can be easily undermined in our society, because even the authorities are blocking their own parents from them.

It is difficult for MCYS to promote this campaign effectively when we have other authorities doing things in reverse.

(first posted on Facebook, 30 Jun 2010)

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