Sunday, June 20, 2010

DAY 65 (of the 6-month cut-off from my son by the Singapore Family Court without any valid reasons) :

Here is another poem written by a parent Julia Greer Moreno for her alienated children, Julianna and Joshua. She is also the founder of the Joshua Rose Foundation, which she started it in honor of her children.

Julia, I pray that God will reunite you and your children soon.

I think of you in the morning light
I think of you in the darkness of night
I miss you in the morning
I miss you at night
I miss not being able to hold you tight
I wish we could be with each other
No matter what, I will always love you like no other

I think of you in springtime when flowers are blooming
I think of you in winter, when storm clouds are looming
I think of you in fall, when the leaves touch the ground
I think of you in summer, when everyone’s splashing around
I think of you at Easter when Christ rose again
I think of you on Valentine’s day

Let the truth of truths set you free
Maybe then you can clearly see
You were never abandoned
Or left behind
Those who have deceived you
Have placed lies in your mind

I’ll never give up
I’ll never walk away
When you are ready to come home
With me, you’ll always have a place to stay
There are many more kids just like you
Who have people who supposedly love them lying to them too

For this reason, my fight shall cease to stop
“For justice for all” shall I shout from the roof top
For you, for me, for sisters and brothers
For Dads, and Mom’s, Father’s and Mother’s
We may be separated by miles apart
But the bond between us is
Always in my heart

(first posted on Facebook, 18 Jun 2010)

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