Sunday, June 20, 2010

DAY 66 (of the 6-month cut-off from my son by the Singapore Family Court without any valid reasons) :

I have a touching song here that I wish to share with all my friends on Facebook, I have even translated its lyrics to English below for some of you : )

Many thanks to my good friend Nathan for sharing this song with me.
A Happy Fathers day to all.

MY DAD ( by Christopher Wong )

In the past, I’ve always wondered why dad is so thin,
and why is our house so rundown..
My classmates have things that embarrassingly, only I do not have..
and even my dad’s car is so old..

We lived in such a very small place for a family of six,
that sometimes I'd rather study in the kitchen for my exams
and I'd sleep in the hall after watching the variety show on TV

*Later on, Later on, at last I had achieved freedom,
and I work hard to achieve much success.

Later on, Later on, I thought I had everything in life
until the moment that I held my child’s hand…

I’d always remember…

When I was little, the first time that I let go of dad’s hands,
it was my first day of school, and I could not stop crying when dad walked away.

And many years later, the last time that I let go of his hands,
it was by his deathbed, watching him manage a smile, I was overcome with guilt..*

(Repeat Chorus*)

I’d always remember my dad was very good in calligraphy,
And he is one who would always acknowledge his own mistakes.
I have never sung a song for my dad,
but I know he is familiar with the song “What do you want to achieve in life?”…

My dad… the richest person who has everything in life.

(first posted on Facebook, 19 Jun 2010)

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